Defining Maritime Attorneys and What They Do

22 Jan

Whenever you're on open water, you're governed by maritime or admiralty law, which is actually a collection of several local and global laws that govern maritime conduct. A maritime lawyer ensures that you abide by maritime laws and get fair treatment in a legal proceeding.

What Does a Maritime Lawyer Do in Particular?

A jones act claims lawyer will represent you in the event that your boat crashes and brings injury or damage. As the victim of such injury or property damage, you can count on this attorney too.  They will provide you with legal representation, whether in court or in an out-of-court settlement.

When Should You Hire a Maritime Lawyer?

Below are some common scenarios that give rise to a need for a maritime lawyer:

Your boat rams into another boat or vice-versa.

Your boat crashes against a dock.

Your dock is damaged by someone else's boat.

Your ship contaminates the water with waste or any other pollutant.

You are injured or you have caused injury to another party during a crash.

A maritime accidents lawyer can help you see whether maritime law applies. Your legal situation may be covered by admiralty jurisdiction depending on two key factors: where exactly it happened and how it changed - if it did - commercial activities on the water.

How Much Do You Pay a Maritime Lawyer?

Maritime lawyers are typically paid per hour for their services. On the other hand, some are paid on contingency, which means you will be paying the attorney a portion of your compensation or settlement should your case turn out successful. In any case, how much you pay a maritime lawyer will vary by state and by the level of difficulty of your case.

What Should You Expect from Your Maritime Attorney?

If you're at fault for injuries or damages after an accident on water, a maritime lawyer can help lower your payments or to reach a settlement with the victim. If you're the victim, your lawyer will fight to get you the biggest compensation or settlement possible.

The case can be kept out of court if you and the other party agree on who's responsible. Otherwise, you should take your case to court and let the judge decide who should be held accountable. Check out this website at for more facts about lawyers.

Maritime lawyers are your best resource for cases like these as they possess in-depth knowledge and experience with issues involving laws of the water. If you think you need one, spend time looking for candidates and researching their professional background and history. Ask friends and family members for referrals; if this isn't possible, read client reviews online. Take note, not all of these lawyers are created equal.

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